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Let us make your bathroom renovation a breeze; from design to completion. We start out with a visit by a trained bathroom designer to come and discuss your ideas and needs in the comfort of your own home. He will help you decide on everything from the general layout to the colours, styles, furnishings and even down to the smallest fittings.

Our staff has a wealth of experience and works with multiple suppliers to provide you the best deal whatever your budget. Whether you are aiming for a large luxurious family bathroom or a simple but functional washroom/toilet under the stairs we’ve got you covered.

Features to consider:
below are some of the most popular features and extras which our clients consider adding to their new bathroom:

• Electric/Water underfloor heating
• Granite or Marble worktops
• Ceramic tiling or mosaic patterns
• LED and Strip lighting

Practical Tips:

  • Avoid carpets: they are old fashioned and less hygienic. Consider linoleum as a budget alternative or a ceramic or even stone/marble tile for a luxurious look.

  • If space is limited, consider giving up on a bath tub: Just a good sized shower could open up the room and give a more spacious appearance.

  • Include mirrors: Depending on space consider including at least one large sized mirror to further give the illusion of space

  • Ensure ample lighting: most bathrooms we work on have limited natural light or none at all so adding a few spotlights particularly over the sink could prove refreshingly bright.
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