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Decorating and Plastering

Painting and Decorating

Painting a property could range from an unsatisfying mess to art. This largely depends on the decorators themselves. The key is largely in the preparation stage, which is where many of our rivals lack the patience to dedicate time and the quality suffers.

We take care to meticulously sand, fill and mask anything which requires it; not once but as many times as it takes to get perfect. A minimum of 2 coats of paint with another light sanding in between ensures a smooth, even paint finish which we can be proud of. Attention to detail at AGL is second to none.


Any major refurbishment or alteration is likely to require a plastering of walls and ceilings. A smooth, straight surface base is essential for a professional looking paint job later and our plasterers are some of the best in the business.


Consider adding textures, graphics, patterns or wall size photographs to make a wall pop out and a room trendier.  Alternatively stick to traditional style wallpaper to give a retro look. Either way, you can rely on us for a speedy and professional transformation of your space.

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