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Every year thousands of London properties are extended. It is an extremely popular alteration to a home. We offer a friendly yet professional service to help you plan and realise your project to the highest quality


Why you should consider an extension

There are three main reasons why homeowners might consider extending their property:

1. Improve the current living standards. Are you unhappy with the size of that tiny kitchen? Wished there was more space in the living room to accommodate more guests or allow for the possibility of an open plan area? Improving the living spaces in your home is by far the most popular reason to build an extension.

This is a particularly viable option in London where smaller houses would have been built in more restricted spaces and opting to move to a bigger property is more difficult.

Finally unlike Europe, the design of British buildings has quite a common theme resulting in most properties featuring the same or similar layouts. This will not necessarily suit every individual or family and an extension is a great chance to personalise your home to your specific needs.

2. Expecting an addition to the family. Perhaps a baby is expected but the current house or flat does not have an extra room to turn into a nursery. Maybe you would like to accommodate an elderly relative, or maybe you just need more space for the family’s ever-growing sports equipment collection.

3. Adding value to your property. The average extension can boost the value of a UK home by 11%. The most popular are an open plan living area or an extra bedroom which offers the most value for money. Conservatories are not far behind, provided they match the theme of the interior well and are made of glass. UPVC versions begin looking dated with sun exposure and do not give a quality feel.

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